Website tweak: package managers


This is a bit of a nitpick :stuck_out_tongue:

On the Syncthing website, it says:

There are also Debian / Ubuntu packages available.

Would it be to OK to change it to something like:

Syncthing is also available in lots of operating system package managers.

Or something similar?


Why? Specifically, why the link removal - those are packages we create and maintain. We can of course mention that other people out there also package it and that you might check with your distribution etc.

That’s what I’m aiming at, yeah.

That information is currently available through the community contributions section where the relevant section is And I think that’s generally a reasonable approach, as these are volatile and we don’t want to link to outdated/discontinued efforts on the main page. Official packaging that is less likely to just disappear might make sense to be referred to directly in that section.

OK, well I’ll leave it up to you.

The way I see it, OpenBSD users are likely to prefer to install from the package manager than from the binary tarballs listed on the landing page.


Please keep the current text and links, adding anything more as needed. Removing information (links to Deb installs) is less useful than keeping said info.