Website issues?

There seem to be some issues with the services now. The main website appears to be functional, but neither the documentation nor the APT subdomains works, at least as far as I can see. This has been the case for a couple of hours by now.

Yes, I cannot reach (404 in Firefox) while is working fine.

I just decided to read the syncthing documentation, but instead I see an error. It seems desteny is trying to tell me something =)

Also having problems here:


EDIT: OK, seems to be resolved now…

Should be fixed.

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Do the website problems extend to None of my syncthing instances is able to connect (multiple computers, different networks). Looking at the page itself shows a map with failures and no relays.

Hmm… 15 minutes before I saw an old version of the forum from yesterday evening with my “changes” reverted and now it’s fine again.

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