web ui can't add folder or computer

When I have a new computer, I see him in the interface but when I click Add, nothing append ? Sometimes the new computer winows appear, I validate and nothing added ?

Version 1.1.2 RC1 on windows 64bits and Synctrayzor Tks. Sam

The problem is not clear. Try using the web ui and check for errors in the browser javascript console

This sounds like a responsiveness issue. I’ve had similar things occur, and typically they can be attributed to one of the following taking place. 1) A busy device/server. If a lot of files are being synchronized, or data is being copied between shares, or some other task on the device is using a lot of disk, CPU, or network, then it may drive the device to become unresponsive. 2) A congested network. If the network you’re on (or for remote management, the one the remote device is on) is particularly saturated, packets may be dropped which can cause delays, I/O errors, or a ‘frozen’ UI.

Depending on the nature of the reason for which the UI is unresponsive, it may fix itself once synchronization finishes, or may require some workaround if it’s a situation that will not fix itself given enough time. For me, certain remote devices are never manageable via the UI given network bandwidth/speed, so I just edit the configuration file instead and restart syncthing as needed. This is probably an uncommon situation that won’t apply to you though.

My suggestion is check to see whether your device is ‘busy’/limited in resources. If so, just wait till it’s no longer tied up. If that doesn’t help, also consider using introducers to avoid having to add those yourself. And if neither of those apply to you, you can come back here for help manually editing the configuration file.

Hi Atacama, Yes this is my situation. We have over 4Tb of files on 50 computers. Uc is very high ~90 to 100%.

OK, I try to manual edit config file and that’s work fine :slight_smile:

I wrote a basic script to make all pending computer to normal computer but, think the UI must be more responsive.

Regards. Sam

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