Web UI bugs: nonascii characters in the path and unresolved variables


I would like to report a bug. If you try to share a folder from a linux box with nonascii characters in the path you can enter it perfectly but then you get the folowing error message:

“open /home/samba/kozos/Palanta/ékezetes/.stfolder: permission denied”

Removing the accent it works good.

Another bug: If you share a folder to a server the on the destination side pops up a message:

{%device%} wants to share folder “{%folderlabel%}” ({%folder%}). Add new folder? Accepting the share you can see the data perfectly.

Best regards Gyula

This does not sound like a problem with non ASCII characters. However, if the encoding on disk is unexpected (not UTF-8), that could cause an issue.

This is fixed in 0.13.4, recently released.