Web Gui vs Gtk Gui

Hi, I just installed Syncthing on my Manjaro laptop and Android phone. I also installed the Gtk Gui. Is there any adavntages of installing the Gtk Gui over the Web Gui for common usage (just sharing folders)? Thank you.

Syncthing GTK is a wrapper, which you can use to control Syncthing without actually opening the Web GUI. It also has additional features, such as an icon in the system tray, etc. There are also other wrappers like SyncthingTray and SyncTrayzor (on Windows).

On the other hand, without installing any wrapper like that, Syncthing by itself doesn’t offer such close integration with the OS. There’s no status icon that you can see, and you need to open the Web GUI in a Web browser to control it (or use the command line and such).

What I personally do is to use a wrapper for the status icon and quick checking what’s going on, and then rely on the proper Web GUI when it comes to actual administration (adding & removing folders, changing advanced configuration, etc.).

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Ok, thank you.

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