"Web GUI" option not working after Config Import


I used the export/import feature to restore my config on a new phone. Everything went well, but now the “Web GUI” link doesn’t work. It says “Waiting for GUI”, but the interface never loads. I can access it via browser, but the login data (from Settings > Syncthing Options) is not valid.

I tried to do the same with a new Syncthing install and it seems that when importing the config files, the app uses a new login password instead of using the old/correct password. To replicate just install Syncthing, export config, reinstall Syncthing, import config and then try to access the GUI using the app.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance.

I found that once the settings Syncthing Options, GUI Authentication User and GUI Authentication password were changed, then I could use an external browser, but the integrated one “Web GUI” hangs.