Web GUI from another PC

Before you tell me RTFM, i have read this before https://forum.syncthing.net/t/how-do-i-access-the-web-gui-from-another-computer/447 and it doesn’t help.

I have syncthing on Debian(x86 and in a raspberrypi (armv6)). i downloaded the program but it only comes the binary (and some txt) there is no any configuration file (config.xml).

i decided to download the source and compile it. The first thing i noticed is that config.xml doesn’t exist the file that exist is config/config.go then I searched for the GUI ip address and change it for I run go run build.go -goarch armv6 but the generated binary doesn’t take the config I have set it keeps listening only on What have I done wrong?.

Thanks in advance.

config.xml is generated when you first run syncthing binary. The config.xml is in the ~/.config/syncthing directory.

ref. https://forum.syncthing.net/t/config-file-and-directory/204

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