watcher and exfat

watcher works normally on xfs, but doesn’t work on exfat, what should I do?help me

If the filesystem doesn’t support notifications you can (must) use regular scheduled scans instead.

Do periodic scans be too frequent will damage the disk or affect performance?

Probably, depending on a number of factors. I use rsnapshot (but not with exfat), which automates rsync, with cron jobs every four hours. Using it with exfat may give you permissions issues.

Syncthing scans are equivalent to rsync scans, and doing one now and then is usually not very resource intensive and won’t damage your disks.

It might even be less resource intensive to do it more often, as that can keep the entries in disk cache instead of reading them from disk each time.

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I see. Thank you for your help

I heard that exFAT is more suitable for USB flash disk, so I use exFAT

That is indeed what it is intended for. One other though on exFAT:

Indeed , it can take up a lot of space if there are too many small files . My XFS has a default block of 4KB and exfat has a default block of 256KB, I ’ m not sure if he can specify the size manually

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