Warning message on heavy file deletion


A nice feature to add is, a warning message before sync on heavy files deletion.

Exemple with 2 nodes A and B.

I delete 2000 files on node A. Before sync with B, node A ask a warning message for confirm the sync.

The top is the possibility to set manualy how much files deleted before warning.

The problem is that need the web ui open :confused:

A litle complex for headless system.

Doctor it hurts when I do this.

Well, then don’t do that.

If you don’t want 20k files deleted, don’t delete them. Deleted by accident? Though luck, syncthing is not for backups, and you’ve learned it the hard way.

We had something similar at the beginning of time, but mostly to protect against the source going away and all files being incorrectly interpreted as deleted. We handle that in another way now.

I’d suggest using the “trashcan” versioning to ensure you have at least one copy of the files even when deleted, which is also easy to recovery by just moving files back from the trashcan.

It was not me :slightly_smiling:

But yes, with versionning i restore the files, so it was not a problem. The real problem is when another user do not take care on other node when it delete all files in directory :stuck_out_tongue: (And for me it is not a Syncthing problem)

I use Syncthing only for have the data on multiple computers, and on mine, i have Crashplan to make backups.