Walk progress complete but still scanning

Setup: Windows PC send-only -> Synology box receive-only, both sides running v1.10.0 Symptom: Scanning never ever finishes on the Synology box, even after 6 days. While I realize that I can only expect so much from a small ARM CPU and 5900 RPM disks, this did not used to happen. I have deleted and recreated the folder twice on both ends, no luck (and I would prefer to not do this again, each total re-scan takes 2.5 days). Tried on various debug options for logging, scanner and db seemed to be the most useful:

Any idea what’s going on here?

Did it happen with previous versions?

No, it did not. Scan times after the initial scan were a few hours at most.

What’s the resource usage like? What filesystem is the data is on?

CPU usage is about 40-60%, memory usage is about 1 GB out of 2 available.

Filesystem is ext4.

Is 40-60% cpu being used by syncthing?

Yes, same with memory.

Can you post a cpu profile please: https://docs.syncthing.net/users/profiling.html

Attached: syncthing-cpu-linux-arm-v1.10.0-180629.pprof (13.7 KB) syncthing-cpu-linux-arm-v1.10.0-180544.pprof (12.4 KB)

The slowdown is because of the new case-insensitivity checks in the filesystem. As you are on linux/ext4, your filesystem is case-sensitive and you can set caseSensitiveFS to true to disable those checks. However I’d still be interested in how your data is structured, to get an idea if there’s something that made the problem especially bad for your setup and if there’s something to optimize. Infos like estimate number of files total and in directories, whether you have a very flat or very deep directory structure or anything else that might be of note.

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Okay, set caseSensitiveFS to true, folder is now synced. Relative the to number of items I guess my setup is pretty flat. Almost 300,000 items in 2,500 directories with a maximum depth of less than 10. The NAS side has never been especially fast.

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