Vote on issues/features that matter to you.


I’d like to start gathering some feedback from our users.

I know we have a lot (181 as of now) issues open, most of which the severity/impact of these is more or less undefined, and it’s hard to understand how many people are affected by it.

I’ve discovered that it’s possible to vote on features/bugs via Bountysource, therefore I’d like to invite everyone to cast votes on the things that matter to you.

This doesn’t mean we are obliged to rectify/implement them, as some of these are features of high complexity or bugs which are hard to fix/reproduce, but atleast it will provide us with a vision of what needs doing to move syncthing forward, which could potentially influence the development roadmap.

You can vote here: Syncthing: Syncthing-Android:

Thank you.


Great initiative, I hope you’ll get some useful feedback. Added my vote for inotify and delta-indexes

I would like to see somethink like a “share-link”-option to easy share data with other people, who haven´t already Syncthing.

This thread is not for feature requests.

You can also vote for issues for Syncthing-Android here:

I’ve added the link to the OP, hope that’s okay.

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