VIsual for both synthings??


I am trying to set up syncthing. I installed 1 copy of my LinuxMINT desktop. I installed another on my Debian 9 server.

I set up the desktop to be the receiver of the files on the server, a back up of what is on the server.

I set the server to be the source(sender) of the files to be backed up.

Whjen on the server, there is a notice askign me if I want to add another syncthing installation (which is in fact my desktop compuuter). I accepted it.

The desktop only says “unshared” and no remote syncthings are connected to it.

I am still waiting for the server syncthing to scan and synchronize.

I will see later when it is done if it synchronizes the files.

Is it normal that the desktop shows unshared for the local file, and no remote file connected, since I did in fact connect it from the server syncthing interface?


Connecting devices is not enough, you also need to share the folders, and the folder ids need to match…

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you can check the getting started section in the documentation

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I did share folders.

Here are screen shot (mail-Syncthing) of the server based (web).It shows which folders are used from the local folder(server based) and desktop remote folder (linuxmintsyncthing)

Folders are assigned for each one.

When the two were connected, it is NOT because I added it, it is because syncthing on the server detected the desktop csyncthing and asked me to add it.

The folders(it grabbed the folder name when asI are shared, but when I look at the “remote” folder, I was unable to find a place where the folder IDs are noted. I looked in the remote section and pressed edit to see the connection details. No sign of an folder ID is noted.


I did go through this as I tried setting things up.

One thing that i have not got clear yet.

If I set it up on the server, do I even need to set it up on the desktop as well? I would think that only one is needed, as it should appear automatically on the other showing that th econnection is made for both.

I suggest you check the web ui rather than the gtk ui as I suspect it might be mishandling something and showing incorrect statem

I would just like to add that Syncthing itself is not a full/proper backup solution. If the “server” sends a corrupted file, the other side will happily receive it. You could use versioning to mitigate the risk, but that would still be relying on only one tool for everything, which I would not personally do. If you have other backups in place too, then feel free to ignore this post.

The folder in the syncthing-gtk screenshot has a different ID (i25d4-…) than the folder on the device “mail” (xcl2i-…). I’ts weird that there are out-of-sync items, however for that:

I have removed the GTK and installed the web UI.

I figured GTK was easier to install, so I used that to start with.

Now, I followed the instructions again. I found a thing I missed. I did not understand that both syncthings must be configured to talk to the other using the others ID.

The folders are shared.

But, synchronization is not happening. I have uploaded the main screens of each one.

What might I be missing?

Same thing as before: Folder IDs don’t match.

You have two options:

  1. Create the folder on both devices with the same ID.

  2. Create the folder on one device, share it with the other. On the other, wait until the notice appears asking whether you want to add the folder and then do so (ID is the same automatically).

HI there.

I got it!

It was the folder ID that I was not doing correctly.

I am now trying a second synchronization.


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