Video metadata not syncing between devices and PC


I’m doing a 3 way sync between my phone, tablet and PC(connected to my QNAP Nas). When synching videos the metadata is not synched between my devices and PC (it is synched between the devices though)

For example if I put a tag in a video on my phone using a third party app I can see the same time replicated on my tablet but not with my PC and vice versa. What’s weird is that it works with pictures I can put the tags, ratings etc and everything gets synched but not with videos

What could be the problem?

As far as Syncthing is concerned, there’s no difference between pictures and video. It’s just all a collection of bits.

It would help to know what 3rd party app and what video container format is in use…

If the app is add/modifying the EXIF metadata embedded in image files, the metadata will be carried along with the image data when Syncthing syncs them.

Metadata in video is much more of a mixed bag. There’s no single uniform standard because there are so many different video container formats (not all of which even support user metadata):


I’m using Aves Gallery for Android. It seems like Aves is using XMP Metadata which Windows does not seem to understand

I think it’s not related to Syncthing but rather a compatibility issue between Aves and Widnows

Yes, you’re right. I didn’t see it mentioned in Aves’ app description on Google Play or F-Droid, but a quick review of the source code confirmed it.

XMP in images is pretty well supported by the popular image viewers, organizers and editors, but I haven’t seen as much support for video.

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