Versioning has never saved any files for me

The file versioning has never worked, it shows no files when I click in the gui, and nothing in those .stfolder. Yes I have the folders selected to use file versioning.

Any help appreciated, I have searched and not found anything related to this. I lost some data recently on a file. When I booted up an old raspberry pi, it reverted the file on my laptop to the old one on the pi. I had no option to override, it just did it on it’s own

Versioning only works regarding files modified on the remote machine. This means that if you have two devices, let’s say A and B, and you enable versioning on A, then any changes done on B will be versioned on A. It does nothing when it comes to files modified on A itself.

If this is how you have your versioning set up and it still doesn’t work, then I would suggest that you post screenshots showing the Syncthing Web GUI on both sides, including the versioning configuration.

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