v0.12 feature freeze

I’m calling it feature freeze for v0.12 as we need to actually get it out there, and have some docs and specs and stuff to catch up with. So no more protocol or major changes right now.

I don’t mind opening a v0.13 branch for that almost immediately though, as it seems we anyway take months to stabilize. :wink:

I’ll release a beta 4 tonight, which should be compatible with the upcoming release v0.12.

See the v0.12 and v0.13 milestones for what will/should be included in the respective releases.

I propose to move the proto changes to v12, and there is also a bug about broken default relay selection when the first relay breaks, which we should address for v12. Also, some first few commits in temp indexes can go in, as its a general cleanup of the proto package.

I’ll try to get all of this done this evening.

Oh, sure. Bugfixes are always go, and if the proto changes ready I’m all for getting them in. I just want to get this one out there, we’re holding back cool stuff. :slight_smile:

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Looking forward to it :slight_smile: I hope Android package will be released soon after.