v 0.13 with 64kb page size

Hey guys,

I’m trying to compile Syncthing for WD My Cloud Ex2. It’s an arm architecture and it works with 64kb pagefile, so while compiling, there must be a flag ("-R 65536"; hope this is correct?). There are some related threads in this forum, but not for v0.13

When compiling I get the following error

c:\src\github.com\syncthing\syncthing>go run -ldflags "-R 65536" build.go  -goos
 linux -goarch arm -no-upgrade tar
# command-line-arguments
syscall.errors: .data.VirtualAddress = 0x347000, want 0x350000

Unfortunately at Google there aren’t any results at all concerning this error message. What can I do about this message?

Or can anybody with some experience compile syncthing, so it’s ready for use on systems with 64kb pagefile ?


As far as I recall from earlier threads in the forum, providing -R argument was not enough, and needed the compiler/standard library to be modified too.

Suggest you search the forum for what exactly had to be done.