Using Syncthing to synchonize multiple instances

Hello all,

I’m currently in a situation where I’m considering using Syncthing in an application cluster setup that we have.

Let me start off with what we currently have and then what I’m hoping Syncthing could solve for me.

We currently have 6 servers behind a load balancer for a web application.

Occasionally there is a need for users to upload files, images or documents. Currently when a user uploads a file they it can land on any of the 6 servers. For example if two users upload 1 file, their file might be on any of the 6 servers.

The files are fairly small in size however there are about 20 000 files. I’m hoping I could use Syncthing to run on all the servers and synchronize the changes as they happen. Is syncthing the right tool I should be considering for this?

Sounds like a good usecase.

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