Using syncthing on a vm

I want to use syncthing to move files from a local vm to the actual host of the vm. When I conect the two clients, syncthing says on both that it can’t connect. Is there any specific configuration needed to make syncthing work on a vm? I click add device on bothe the vm and localhost, and then I put the device id of eachother’s clients into the edit box for device id. Besides that, there isn’t really any other configuration I do. I also tried creating a folder and sharing it between them, but nothing seems to happen.

I am pretty sure that the issue will be networking, as you are most likely NAT’ing your VM through your host. You should try bridging so that both of them would be on the same network/subnet.

Edit: This also has Android tag, which I am not sure why?

Yeah. I don’t know how I got this into android. I don’t know how to change it here. I will look up bridging on vm’s on virtual box, but I thought it did that by default.

Looks like I can move other people’s thread’s, so I fixed it for you :wink:

What happens when you don’t use dynamic addresses, i.e. when you manually add the ip address on both sides?

What happens when you telnet to the other node’s syncthing port?

I’m using it with VittualBox with a bridged Network without any problems. Dynamic adresses work - same as static ones.

Done. Thanks for the help, I got it up and running with a vm. I need an Ethernet and wifi connected at the same time though, but it works.