using syncthing in multiple (copied) virtual maschine


thinking about using syncthing in VMs, which will be copied and running in multiple instances? What will happen, if this VMs are running parallel with the same syncthing settings? I think Sync IDs will be the same, isn’t ?


You’ll get a mess: bad things happen in multiple Syncthing instances have the same Device ID.

Make sure that key.pem and cert.pem are not copied. Syncthing will re-create them when it first starts. You could in theory keep the same config, but bear in mind no other devices will have anything shared with new VMs (because new VMs will have a new Device ID).

This I feared, thanks for the confirmation maybe I should look for a solution to use individual settings from outside the VMs

Is there a way to set config directory to another path?

Check -help


Just prepare the instances without generated keys. Syncthing will then generate them individually on the first start.

@luke thanks for the hint :slight_smile: but if i will replace vm with newer version later on, I had to use again a configuration without keys. I think I will try to use configurations from outside the vm with -home option

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