Using multiple WAN

Hello, How can I make sure Syncthing uses and listen on all NICs for synchronisation, reports it’s existence to the swarm from all NICs as each are connected to different WANs ?

I don’t think there is a way to do that.

how does Syncthing determine the default WAN to use?

This is done by the operating system. Syncthing just generates traffic to the IP address of the discovery server and the OS chooses a route to this IP, usually sending data to the default gateway. On Routers there may be a more sophisticated routing table involved.

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I do however think however drunk that I am that this is a reasonable bug worthy ask.

I think this ties into discovery privacy as usual. There is some issue around already publishing all known addresses. If we did that we would resolve this. But we don’t want to leak people’s internal addresses by default. (And what is “internal” or not isn’t as simple as just RFC1918, real world addressing is much more complicated…)

Somewhat related(?): how about a bit more network topology awareness. Sometimes there are multiple syncthing instances running on multiple mobile devices inside the same lan. Sometimes some of them are on the outside of this location. Could shares and network locations be taken into account that syncthing instances inside the same lan or close to each other network wise prefer communication to each other and only select or few communicate to the outside. And ideas like that? Thanks.

This already happens naturally.

Requests go to all devices, and we limit how many outstanding requests exist per device, so devices that are nearby with fast network speed handle the requests faster, hence get most of the traffic.

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