Using an isolated syncthing instance within another application / syncthing as a library

I have been using Syncthing for a while without any problem. Thanks a lot for your work.

Now I am developing an application in which I need to synchronize files across different devices without any central server. Syncthing will be great for this task but I would not like to mess with the syncthing installed in those devices (this are end users who are using syncthing as well but for their own purposes). Is there a way to have an isolated syncthing instance?

It can be as isolated as you like, if started with -home and driven via API.

Do bear in mind that:

  1. You’ll have to think carefully about which devices are added to which other devices. You might have to take care of automatically adding devices to other devices.
  2. Syncthing doesn’t follow the “start syncing; keep going until syncing has finished; stop” model. If your application depends on being able to tell when Syncthing has finishing syncing, you might have a bad time.

Neither of those points may apply to you, of course, but they’ve tripped up other people in the past.

Thanks for both replies. They were indeed very helpful. Just curious: Are you aware of any application using syncthing under the hood?

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