User and pass reset

Hello, happy to join this awesome community, I discovered Syncthing just a couple of days ago. Installed it on Windows through the .exe file and everything worked fine till today. I have set a username and a password the first time, but apparently I made a mistake and now I cannot find the right password. I have already tried editing the config.xml file, but I could not find the user and the password to delete. I then deleted the content of the Syncthing folder in AppData/Local/Syncthing and make a fresh install, but trying to access the configuration page I am still asked for user and password. What am I missing? Could you please help me? I am not a tech guy, so every suggestion would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help.

Which download URL/link did you use to get Syncthing?

If you installed using Syncthing Windows Setup, see the following link in the documentation:

Finding the Syncthing Configuration Folder

Note that the location of the folder depends on whether you installed in administrative installation mode (per-computer/Windows service) or non administrative (per user) installation mode.