Use syncthing only to keep file versions

Hi there, I have been using syncthing for a while and I love it. I would like to know if it is possible to use syncthing to make a repository (not shared) keep different versions of the files inside as they are being modified inside the same computer (but not shared with other computers). I have created a normal repository for one folder and selected “simple versions” but when I modify the files inside of that folder the .stversions folder is not created. Any way to do this without sharing with other computer? Thanks

It’s kinda “backup by syncthing” not exactly by design, but can be done (in addition to a proper backup solution ofcourse)

I do something similar by running two instances of ST on the same computer:

  • instance 1 - main one, tons of folders, many linked devices, etc. This instance has among others one folder that is set to “send-only”/“master” and is shared only with the second instance of this machine.
  • instance 2 - “backup versions” only has the aforementioned folder shared by instance 1. No more devices as well. On this instance I have “Staggered Versioning” enabled for this folder.

What happens: current state of folder is mirrored to the location configured by instance 2, and inside it there is also .stversions that has all the previous versions.

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Cool, good idea. I’ll do that!!! Thanks :slight_smile:

You’re welcome!

Also, pay attention to run both instances in separate directories with separate configs.

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