Use send and receive mode but do not synchronized become global states


I synchronized the directory between two devices and used sendreceive mode, but the delete operation of one device will take effect on the other device, but not vice versa. What is going on?

Now the global state only 1 folder remain, but there are still many files and directories in local state

This is the device that deleted a lot of files, and it shows that the remote device has many outOfsync

That’s unexpected indeed. As a first step before debugging, please upgrade to a recent version (second screenshot shows v1.11.1, which is old)

Inconsistent versions (one is too old) can cause this problem?

It shouldn’t, no. It’s just that when debugging, I’d like to do that on a recent version for a number of reasons (fixed bugs, source code matching what is running, …). Given the affected device is on a recent version, that’s fine. Still do upgrade that remote device too :wink:

What I didn’t notice in the first PR: The folder is “send-only”. So it’s expected that it does not sync those deletions. What is unexpected, is that the folder doesn’t show an “Override” button and is not out of sync. Any errors in the browser console (F12)? Does anything change if you pause and restart the folder?

I change it into Send & Receive and nothing happened

I will upgrade the remote device first and then take a look

In addition, there is nothing abnormal in F12(I have seen both devices), at least the server returns with code 200 expect ‘upgrade’

I already upgrade the version to v1.18, but not work.

It is strange that it works when add files and modify files in remote device, these changes will be synchronized to the local.

It seems like the remote delete not treat as ‘Out of Sync Items’

But, local deletion will be synchronized to the remote

Did you ever change advances settings, e.g. ignoring deletions?

ahhhh! you are right, my bad!!!

I set it up but forgot

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We should add a very annoying notice in the web UI when that setting is active.

The strange thing here is that after setting ignore deletions, the remote syncthing GUI will display the local device synchronization progress as 95%

I thought there was a bug, a very annoying notice is Necessary

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