use of public network with ad hoc version

hello to all, We have to distribute a master folder to several devices: in the latter we should use a client with a trimmed down gui on order to prevent seeing and remove each other. In such configuration there will be any policy issue in using the public relay?

many thanks

No, it should still work but… Why strip the UI?

If you are planning on editing the config file directly just add a password to the GUI.

thanks for the response! Just to prevent the client other than the master to remove other client, in my understanding once you remove an instance from the local instance is removed from all. Am I right?

No. Each node has a completely independent configuration. The only time an external node affects the local configuration is if it is set as an introducer. If introducer is set, all of the nodes the introducer has associated with a share will be added to the local node and associated with the share. Removing nodes from the introducer will not remove them from the local share.