Usage Question - Deleting from a send/receive location

this may be something I have to put together a hacky solution for, but sometimes I’ll delete files from a send/receive location that I don’t actually want deleted on another send/receive location. (I know this sort of goes against the entire idea of sync-ing so I’m not sure if ST will be the right tool, but figured I check)

Is there a way to configure a send/receive folder to be allowed to delete, but have it ignore sending a delete command?

Or maybe the other way, have a send/receive folder set to ignore deletion commands?

Not really sure how deleting items are synced so I don’t know how complex this might be.

This is technically possible, but it really is not recommended so you should really wonder if this is really what you want and if so - make sure you know and understand how it behaves first:

Syncthing Configuration — Syncthing v1.23.0 documentation

ignoreDelete — Syncthing v1.23.0 documentation

Alternatively, do the deleted files have some pattern or extention that you can identify them by? In that case you could try reaching your goal by using Ignore Patterns Ignoring Files — Syncthing v1.23.0 documentation

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Didn’t read down far enough in the docs, missed it by just smidge. Thank you for pointing that out for me.

I get the conceptual complexity, I wonder if a potential fix is something like a log of file hashes that gets checked at the start of a sync to verify if a file needs to be on a device or not. Maybe it would get too complex to quickly.

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