Usability issue

I get the following message in the SyncThing console in SyncTrayzer:

[yyyyy] 10:51:46 INFO: Failed to exchange Hello messages with xxxxx at EOF

Where yyyyy is the first set of the ID of the local syncthing. xxxxx is the first set of the remote syncthing ID. I’ve changed the IP in the example, to

Either the yyyyy & xxxxx needs to be replaced with the Device Name I specified, or, as a secondary, less-desirable way to deal with it, in the lower-right group of Remote Devices, the 5-character device ID abbreviation needs to be displayed in light-grey to the right of the Device Name.

The way I’m looking at it now, I have no way to know what the log at the bottom means when it says xxxxx can’t do ? with yyyyy… I have no idea who xxxxx and yyyyyy is. I have many nodes. Post-It notes on the monitor isn’t going to cut it. And no, I’m not hunting through the prefs on every node to see what the log message referred to. That would be dumb.

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