Upload text files to server and sync by any notable or any server which supports synching


I want to publish some notes collection to general public and will update the content frequently (create/update/delete notes)

a. how to achieve this via Synching ? how to set it up as central repository so that users will have the updates b. which are the application supports synthing which is a note taking app


Syncthing is not a “share with the world” applivation, hence you cannot do that. Its device to device, and there are expectations that you trust other devices not to be malicious.

So how to achieve the sharing…

Basically one copy – anyone can sync it with their devices

You cannot achieve that. Syncthing doesn’t do that.

There are thousands of ways to achieve what you’re asking, but Syncthing isn’t one of them because Syncthing wasn’t designed for publicly sharing content.

Since you didn’t provide any details regarding technical and/or financial resources, all I can offer are a few random suggestions in no particular order:

Although not exactly a note taking app, you could also post notes on GitHub so that users could read them as-is or use Git to clone copies.

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Technical. Basically i want to publish all my technical notes and share with others to view and search…

Currently none of the software i remember provides the sharing with complete advance search as read only

Ex: Java book collection as txt (text) files Spring book collection as txt (text) files et.,

Now want to have dual pane view and search and highlight the search keyword in all the content. I will be admin user who can edit and delete…But no other person should have the option to edit or delete…but anyone should be able to access without any credentials

Please let me know if there is any software which does it right now

Tried following a. evernote b. onenote c. simplenote d. notejoy e. notabase.io f. trillium

all doesn’t have complete sharing as PUBLIC URL for any user to access without any credentials…Just like user browse a website


Given the list of requirements, I’d recommend MediaWiki.

Use MediaWiki’s access control features to restrict editing to just your own account. By default, every page is readable by any user who can reach your website without credentials.

MediaWiki is what Wikipedia is built on. The last time I checked, wikipedia.org is the 5th most-visited website in the world so your users will likely find a familiar interface.

The content of each page could just be text dumps or fancier with the math extension for embedding mathematical formulas.

Since this is a user forum for Syncthing rather than for MediaWiki… you could run MediaWiki on a private home server, then use Syncthing to mirror the website to a hosted server somewhere for public access in read-only mode. :slightly_smiling_face:

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