upload on device files sync

hello i have all setup and it works great to sync folders between my phone and mys nas so how does it works if i broke my phone, i guess just instal syncthink on the new phone to sync my files ?

and how does i works if i delete accidentally a file on my phone ? the folders are in auto sync send/receive so i imagine if i delete a folder on my phone i delete it also on my nas ? how can i received it in this case ? versionning ?

thank you :slight_smile:

There is an option in the app to back the configuration up, but unless you’ve got an extremely complex setup, it may be easier to just install and configure everything from scratch, as there’s no guarantee that specific folder paths will match between different phones.

Yes, versioning is the built-in mechanism to preserve modified and deleted files. I’d suggest the staggered variant, but you may also try the others out. I’d advise to avoid simple versioning though, as it is currently kind of broken (see https://github.com/syncthing/syncthing/issues/7988).

ok th for the infos, i take a look at it :slight_smile: