Upload in progress but inactive status in the main window: it's normal?

I realized that during the upload of new files added to an android device, the main Syncthing screen in which all the folders to be synchronized are grouped, shows - for the folders involved in the synchronization - the status of “Inactive” (in green above each folder ), even when an upload is in progress - displayed in Bit or KB/sec in the vertical status window which can be consulted by tapping on the three dashes at the top left.

Is this normal?

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Folder status is always the local folder. As your local device is up to date, the folder is inactive.

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Hi @wweich Sorry, maybe I didn’t understand your answer or I didn’t explain myself well due to the translation … I try to explain in another way, sorry if I dwell and repeat obvious things:

  • premise: on the occasion of my doubt I used a large file -

during upload of this file from an android device to backup destination via Syncthing, in the android Synchting client the display of the status of the folder affected by the upload is always “Inactive” in green.

I thought it would be more correct to display a wording like: “Upload” or “Transfer in progress” or something like that. I am wrong ?

best . . .

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It’s a matter of perspective. The folder status shows whether the local copy is up-to-date with the most recent state from all remote devices combined. If the file was added locally, but has not reached all other devices yet, your device (Android) has the most recent state by definition. So it will show as “Up to Date” or “Inactive”.

Under the remote devices section, you will see which devices are still receiving data in order to become up-to-date again.

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What the others said. Plus if an app or a translation changes the original “Up to Date” to “Inactive”, that’s just plain wrong and should be corrected. Because as your example shows, an up-to-date folder is not necessarily inactive at all.


I understood… I have another question: in the list of connected devices the only device, an Android device, has been showing - for days - in download and upload 0 b/s, and alongside 97% as if the synchronization was not completely completed. Whi?

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