Upgrading to v0.9.15 failing

A small annoyance. The “upgrade to v0.9.15” button on the SyncThing status page is failing. Previous upgrades have worked but I’m running v0.9.14 and when I click the button I get this message:

14:37:59: upgrading: rename C:\SyncThing\bin\syncthing-windows-amd64\syncthing.exe C:\SyncThing\bin\syncthing-windows-amd64\syncthing.exe.old: Cannot create a file when that file already exists.

As I say, previous upgrades have worked and the .exe.old has never been a problem before.

The download is completing (I can see files of the right size named like this in the directory “syncthing013693885” - three total, one for each time I tried the button).

Hmm. Weird. I tried to manually delete the .exe.old file and Windows said it couldn’t as it was locked. I had to actually shutdown syncthing.exe, then delete it. Upon restart the upgrade succeeded.

I guess there must have been a stray file lock possibly due to sleep resume (this is a Win7 laptop).

I think I know the reason for this. Would you mind opening a Github issue for this, so we don’t forget about it?