Updating big files "in place"

I use rsync to synchronize 2 TB virtual disks from a server to a backup computer. It works but is much slower than direct copy.

I use rsync because it allow to write modifications “in place” (directly into the destination files, without any temp files) so I can make ZFS snapshots in a very efficient way: I can store 60 days on a 4 TB storage. This is because the total modifications are less than 2 TB for 60 days.

I use Syncthing for “regular” purpose. I tested it for the virtual disks backup. It is much faster than rsync, nice.

Is their a way to update files in place, without using temp files?

Discussed at length from about halfway through this:

TL;DR: Maybe in the future but there are complications and I’m not super inclined to do it.


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