Updated release schedule

What with the current debacle of many small changes having to go into the 1.4 release, the release date is pushed forward. Normally we’d release on March 3 (first Tuesday of the month). However, we also want at least a two week period of stabilization without new issues discovered in the latest RC. This puts us at March 17 if the current -rc.9 gets to be the one.

If that holds and we press on as quickly as possible we could release a 1.4.1-rc on March 24 and release that as stable two weeks later on April 7. We might also just let that slide and pick up more changes for 1.4.1/1.5.0 and make that the May release instead. We will see when we get there.


Thanks to @moisie and debugging their broken database I found another problem in the data migration. Good feeling about the rc.10 version now though. Fingers crossed!

Thanks for the clear message on the schedule. It’s very helpful for people waiting for their “fix”.