Untrusted peer feature

I’ve been tinkering around with an “untrusted peer” feature, to ignore folder updates from another device. The “receive only” folder type will help quite a bit, but it’s configured on the peer side. If, for some reason, the config gets changed back to “send & receive”, then the changes get pushed upstream again. This feature only works on direct connections. It won’t work if you have e.g. three devices that are all connected to each other and you only ignore device updates from one of the two devices your connected to.

I wanted to get some feedback on this.

I think this is the main problem with this function. It’s the tie-in between issues #62 and #63. You have one trump card nowadays that may help, the new ModifiedBy field on the FileInfo. Perhaps that helps.

This (ModifiedBy) is spoofable and I would never trust it.

Would signing the FileInfo be something that could prevent spoofing?

In regards to the “triangle issue”. I’m less concerned in regards to corporate environments (which is where I need it), but personal use is a whole different issue…

Signing would work, but you have to have the full public key to start with, which you don’t as you have, and you only have a hash of it (which is just the device id).

If this was made into a feature, this would have to work with the triangle I suspect, otherwise it’s not of much value.

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