unknown host announce-v6.syncthing.net


Got the following error today:

15:56:49: discover udp6://announce-v6.syncthing.net:22026: broadcast: no suitable address found; trying again in 1m0s

And if i try to ping:

unknown host announce-v6.syncthing.net

Something wrong with the domain?

It’s IPv6 only. The next release will silence the warnings on boxes without IPv6 connectivity.

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@zukoo as a workaround you can remove the global ipv6 discovery server from the config file.

Yeah, I noticed a similar sort of issue… On my vmware internal network for development, running two Syncthing instances, they contact the discovery server over IPv4 and then seem to switch over to IPv6 to talk directly to one another over the virtual switch, based on what I see in the wireshark logs.

I don’t think Syncthing is talking over NAT to the Internet via IPv6 – just doing it internally on the vmware switch.

Probably I’ll need to do the same thing (disable it in the config, or globally in Linux) because I’m not set up for IPv6 either.

Thanks for the tip, but I’ll just ignore the message until the fix (it’s on my laptop, so sometimes I have ipv6 sometimes not)

.26 and newer should not complain about this any more.

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Thanks Jakob. I’ll pull down the new code when it’s good to go.

Cydron, your thing is something different. I don’t see a problem there. Sounds like they are doing local discovery on v6 and connecting that way - all good?

Yes, exactly. I just wasn’t clear why sometimes it would pick ipv4 and others ipv6 to talk to one another.

Your other post explains that. I’m just going to disable ipv6 , since I don’t use it