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I have been running syncthing v0.13.0-beta.0+10-g1e45111 on linux (amd64/arm) and OpenBSD (amd64). Those three devices are connected to each other and synching works. Now every once in a while I get a connection attempt in my client (“New Device” alert box) from a node ID I don’t know originating from an IP where none of my devices have ever connected to.

I suspect someone is either scanning the device discovery or my IP range for syncthing installations. Is there a setting to prevent these popups from happening? I want to roll out syncthing to less technical users which could be tempted into sharing their folders with stangers…

It’s very unusual for that to happen, as you have to know thw device ID to be able to find the IP.

Potentially scanning I guess, but that would be some very advanced stuff being able to present a certificate and so on. As a measure, you could change the default port.

You can click ignore and you won’t get a popup from that device again.

Ah found the device in question. Turned out that a test phone had the device id stored and the config has not been wiped for a subsequent test. Sorry for the noise.

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