Understanding fsWatcherDelayS

To minimize network load, I am experimenting with scan intervals and related settings. I am a bit confused as to what exactly fsWatcherDelayS does. Does it change the amount of seconds of inactivity after file system changes before Watcher propagates changes (like a timeout before a screensaver kicks in)? Or does it specify the interval between Watcher scans (scheduled intervals of subscans)? From the documentation, I am leaning towards the latter, but the former instinctively makes more sense functionality-wise.

Yes, this. For purposes of grouping/batching and (with a multiplier) delete vs rename detection.

(If you can formulate the documentation so that this is clearer to begin with, please make a suggestion.)

Thanks for the quick reply. I am glad to find out my logic isn’t completely off. Suggestion for documentation:

fsWatcherDelayS Specifies the amount of seconds to delay Watcher’s scans after changes to files in the folder.

Watchers announcements as watcher does not scan.

Alright, but then the documentation regarding fsWatcherEnabled is slightly inaccurate/misleading:

If enabled this detects changes to files in the folder and scans them.


Syncthing scans files, to collect metadata, once changes to them are detected.