Uncertain how proceed with a discovered 'Ignored File'

I am a very recent convert to SyncThing and a very happy one as I am also a refugee of Dropbox, so glad that is out of my system.

I am currently running two Macs: a fairly recent MacBook pro running OS X Mojave and a desktop Mac Pro running OS X Sierra. The SyncThing install was from the Syncthing-1.0.0-2.dmg ( v 1.3.4 ).

As I continue to poke around and learn the system I have found something that I am not sure how it was created or how I proceed.

In the Local Host panel > Actions > Settings > Ignored Folders I have found an ignored folder that is located on the laptop from two days ago. I cannot find the file’s ID on that or any of the computers. I also seached the logs with no luck.

I do not remember creating it. It has an unignore option but I am certain what would happen if I did unignore it. After reading a good deal about Ignored files I realize I know less than when I started.

Direction? Thoughts?

Thank you.

This is just to hide any future prompts of “device X wants to share folder Y with you”. So unignoring it will bring those prompts back.

Thank you

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