unable to use syncthing,,iam a self learner

i foloowed tutorials but somehow something is missing, iam on xubuntu 17 core2duo …i have not been able yo use syncthing pls check the screenshot

For some reason, you are running a very old syncthing version (0.12.xx). You can grab the latest one here: https://github.com/syncthing/syncthing/releases

Your android device is probably running the latest version, which would be incompatible with the one in the screenshot.

It may not be the only issue, but a good place to start

any ways to update in terminal simple way

Try the Apt Repository https://apt.syncthing.net/

i did update withlatest version but syncthing opens in the browser is still the lower version…moreover no syncing happens


Not trying to insult you but how do you know you updated? It sounds like you’re still running the old version. Maybe first remove all versions of syncthing and then install only the new version.

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