Unable to access GUI Terramaster F2-223

I’ve just installed syncthing on my new terramaster but cant seem to access the gui…

I’ve followed the instructions and changed the following from in the config file and restarted it.

I’ve also opened 8384 port on my router (ddwrt) and also have uPNP enabled as standard.

When trying to access the gui at http://:8384 I just get a can’t connect to the server error.

Am I missing something? I’m just trying to access it from inside my own network. Any suggestions?

You need to input the actual IP address of the device in question, e.g., etc.

Oh sorry, I did, I just stuck the ip address in some symbols for the post to blank them out which the board has picked up as some kind of tag

I’m using to no available.

Using an ssh tunnel means I can access it but it’s not the most convenient thing.

I’m not familiar with TerraMaster F2-223, but how do you run Syncthing on there, via some containerised environment?

If you can access it via an SSH-tunnel then it would seem to me that Syncthing does what it is supposed to do at least - then it’s up to the host and/or OS it runs on to figure the rest out (or proper config / port-mapping), which may be limited currently. Does the TerraMaster itself have some firewall active?

If you would like to try SSH tunnel, I do it every day and can assist you. It’s really easy once you have the correct syntax.

I’m guessing the server is some form of Linux. What OS is your client?

This is a brief description of the command however I can give you more details it’s not hard.

Syncthing Tunneling docs here

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