Ubuntu 14.04 Desktop & Android phone -- Syncthing has stopped syncing?

For some months now, I’ve been using Syncthing on my Ubuntu 14.04 and it has been syncing beautifully on my Android phone – I primarily use it for syncing the photos back to my desktop.

But all of a sudden, it seems to have stopped for some reason. It seems that they are connected, but the files themselves aren’t syncing.

On the Desktop I’m using Syncthing-GTK v0.7.6.1 (Daemon v0.12.0).

On my Android phone, I’m using the Syncthing app v0.6.6.

Any ideas or guidance as to how I could get my photos syncing again would be appreciated.

I don’t think Android supports v0.12 yet? So that will be using v0.11, and your desktop will be using v0.12. Those two versions can’t talk.

Ahh, thank you. That explains it.

I’m assuming plans for 0.12 to hit Android are immanent?

there is a beta that you can try

Thank you Alex – if the Android app doesn’t upgrade soon, I may give that a try.