two local machines 1 remote is this possible?


I have been bashing my head against a wall trying to get this to work, I wonder if someone would be kind enough to help please?

Machine A & B are on the same lan ( &

Machine A - Local to sync with local machine B and remote machine C Machine B - Local to sync with local machine A Machine C - Remote to sync with local machine A

Machine A Can see local machine B and remote machine C Machine B Cannot see local machine A at all Machine C Can see local machine A

So everything works with Machine A to C but I cannot get Machine B to see A?

Many Thanks in Advance!

What does “see” mean in this context? Its enough for one machine to connect to the other for syncthing to work, so it’s not clear what your problem is.

Sorry for not being clear,

What I mean by “see” is that Machine A when going to add remote device I can see it listed in the list under “You can also select one of these nearby devices:”

even though I chose it and added a folder to sync with it nothing happens, it is permanently disconnected


A bit of an update since leaving both machines overnight.

I can now add a remote device on Machine A or B and they are both showing on each others add screen "You can also select one of these nearby devices:” but they are both showing as disconnected. I have added folders on each but nothing happens, just always disconnected?

I think the issue is that when adding a folder on Machine A it never comes up on Machine B (prompts to add folder)


Does a firewall block port 22000/tcp on both sides?

I wondered about this as the firewall rule is pointing to machine A I have a pfsense router (both machines running through the same router)

Machine A can sync with my remote machine ok and I have the port open on my pfsense router to allow this. but I don’t think I can set another rule for the same port to another IP address?

I only want to do local sync with machine A & B

If they can’t connect directly over land with ips hardcoded, then your firewall is getting in the way. Try disabling all firewalls and work from there.

I don’t think you can shut off the firewall in pfsense?

I have no idea, but I suggest you do a simple netcat test verifying that you can listen on one side on port 22000 and send to the listening port from the other machine. If that does not work, then it’s a problem beyond syncthing.


I have just installed netcat, would you mind helping me out with what commnand to use please?

Just google testing connections with netcat or something along the lines.

I found this command from someone with similar issue with Syncthing and nothing happens?


Also, if I add machine B from Machine A do I need to do the same on Machine B or should it come up automatically (Prompt) on Machine B? just seems strange that both Machine A & B can add/see each other are there but then be permanently disconnected?

If they could connect, the prompt would come up, but in general terms, A needs to add B and B needs to add A for them to have mutual trust.

Regarding netcat, you got the listening side setup, now you should send some message from the other machine to this one. Usually it’s done something like this: echo test | nc [ip of other side] [port other side is listening on], yet the arguments/order can vary between distributions, so best you read the manual by running man nc.

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