Two Devices Continuously "Syncing"??

How do I debug when Syncthing is constantly telling me that a pair of machines are syncing? I’m sitting in front of both of them and there’s nothing to sync. It’s a tiny amount of data each time, but I don’t have anything running that would be causing data to be written to any of my sync dirs.

Further, I can’t see any signs of recent changes in any of the shared dirs.

How do I see from a Device-perspective what changes are actually being synced?

And for a second in the device view it shows “1 file” and I click it but the popup that opens is … empty.

And then after I post I realize exactly what it is. I have something on a THIRD box, writing to a dir, that is then transitively shared over between these two devices.

Yeesh, sorry for the noise, feel free to close/delete.

Thank you for the update. :slight_smile:

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