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I have several systems that sync files using SyncThing. I consistently run into the following situation that I fail to understand.

System A reports all folders up to date. System B reports all folders up to date. System A reports B as "Syncing (100%)". System B reports A as "Syncing (100%)". Both SyncThing processes are at rest (virtually no CPU and IO).

As I said, I cannot understand how “up to date” folders on both sides can cause anything else but an “up to date” system status. This is highly confusing. Is there a logical (not technical) explanation for this situation?

This is down to ignored files usually.

Probably, but if every file that should be synched is synced, we’re ready and I’d call that “Up to date”.

Should “Syncing (100%)” be considered “up to date”? And if so, why not report “up to date” instead?

If its not up to date, it should probably have a text aboyt out of sync/failed items, which should list the items as you click on the text.

Does reloading the UI make any difference? I’ve seen cases where it goes to “Syncing (100%)” and reloading the UI gets it to “Up to date”. I suspect an invisible rounding error or similar.

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@AudriusButkevicius: No, there are no out of sync items, and no failed items. @calmh: Reloading the UI makes no difference.

The culprit is, as AudriusButkevicius already mentioned, ignored files.

The folder master has 1260 files, of which one is ignored (the .stignore itself). The other system has 1260 files, of which one is ignored on the other system. This system has no .stignore itself. Removing the offending file clears the "Syncing (100%) condition on one end. After restarting SyncThing on both ends the situation finally is “up to date”.

The folder master’s .stignore contains:

!.stignore .??*

However, the .stignore does not seem to be synced to the other system.

.stignore is a special file, it’s never synced.

I may assume the same is true for .stfolder and .stversions?

Right, yes. This happens when things get added to ignores. Known issue…

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