Trivial observation on 1.11 rc-1

I noticed after today’s update that quite a few ‘remote devices’ were being reported as being out of sync with various amounts of data, from 53Gb to 256b. I ignored it all day then tonight I looked at the actual remote device and they were all up to date. So I paused / unpaused the affected ones and eventually they all came up to date.

Not seen this happen before, thought it was worth mentioning it. Wonder if after an upgrade St simply needed a re-restart?

My guess would be that the reason is probably

It does sound like what I had. Perhaps the way forward is the local St ‘pings’ the remote device with a fileset check every n minutes. Sort of the pause / unpause equivalent (having read the issue).

I also wonder if this is something related to the blank header on remote devices we had, as this still crops up on 1.11 rc1