Translation update in v0.10.26

According to github, last translation update made it to v0.10.26, but after upgrading i still see “Rescan All” instead of “Opakovat skenování všech” (Czech) in webgui on all of my nodes (2x windows, 2x linux). I checked source tarball, it contains correct translation file. I refreshed multiple times, used different browsers, cleared cache… Nothing. I still think it is on my side, any advice?

I messed up the release. The translation update is in the source files, but not in the compiled binary. Sorry about that. There’ll be a regular sunday release that will include them.

Ou, really fast. Thanks.

Could you also include en_GB as I’ve translated and reviewed it (you may want to go through some of my comments on strings), I hate seeing z’s when there should be s’s haha

Hmm yeah I saw that one. Is it really worth it, to be honest? Are we sure the existing one is en_US? In reality it’s probably a mix of en_SV and en_LT mostly…

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It’s just one of my pet hates and I’m sure it is for others too. Personally I hate opening the UI and seeing “Utilization” rather than “Utilisation”, I blame software as the main reason for kids growing up thinking American English is correct (for example, most Windows installations only allowed you to use en_US unless you were using Ultimate or Enterprise editions).

But it’s your call, even so, if we move to the new proposed web UI by @gilli this would not be an issue.

Mmmyah, maybe. Anyway, if that’s the the most annoying thing in the UI, I consider that a roaring success! :wink: