Translating Syncthing

(patyx7) #42

Apologies have been away for sometime, will finish up Japanese and reviewed submitted ones.


(Mike O) #43

How to correct a typo in German?

For Edit Folder Minimum Free Disk Space (0-100%)

German reads Verzeichnis bearbeiten Minimal freier Fetsplattenspeicher (0-100%)

There is a typo in Fetsplattenspeicher, should be Festplattenspeicher

EDIT: Ignore this post, I just saw that it already has been corrected in transifex.

(Aaron Law) #44

Yeah yeah, I am updating the Chinese (Taiwan) translation. :grinning:

(Jakob Borg) #45

Aaron, I see you’ve requested Chinese (Hong Kong) which I’ve accepted and Chinese (no specification) - does the latter add something that isn’t covered by the other Chinese variants?

(Jakob Borg) #46

I’m rejecting some other requests as well that don’t make sense to me, but as far as I can tell there’s no way to reply or add a note in Transifex so I’m hoping people turn up here to complain so we can discuss it…

I try to avoid extra work and confusion, so if we already have French and Dutch, requesting French (France) and Dutch (Netherlands) doesn’t make sense to me. (French (Canada) on the other hand makes sense as that is different from the default French.)

Similarly, requesting both West Frisian and West Frisian (Netherlands) at the same will get one rejected…

(Antony Male) #47

I’ve found that Transifex has a habit of requesting every language on a user’s profile when that user joins the project / does something else I haven’t yet managed to put my finger on. So most of the language requests (especially ones that happen in bulk) aren’t actually intentional. Messaging the user on Transifex sorts it out easily.

(Jakob Borg) #48

Oh! TIL. I have to admit Transifex is one of my least favourite web interfaces, it always manages to get me confused. :wink:

(Hugues Moreau) #49


I have a very small suggestion for French translation, but it might not be obvious to fix: I see “Off” is translated to “Éteint”, which is correct for a device for example, but the only place I see this string used is for compression setting, and here “Éteint” threw me off. I think “Désactivée” or “Pas de compression”, or maybe “Sans” would be better.

Unfortunately, my suggestions would not fit well for other usages of “Off”. As far as I can tell, “Off” appears at 2 places in html template in the source code, both about compression setting. But this being a very generic word it might appear somewhere else in the future. Is there a way to distinguish different cases for “Off”? If it’s a limit of the localization system, I guess “Éteint” will have to do.

(If there a more appropriate place to discuss specific translations, let me know :slight_smile:)


Edit: got an answer for this here.

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