Translated texts on Transifex are completed, but it has fewer than in source

I am a Hungarian translator of this project on Transifex (among other Hungarian translators).

Recently someone noticed that is has only 343 pieces of texts (all translated), however on GitHub it has 469 (if I counted well).

I thought that Transifex is the preferred first place to translate texts into other languages.

How can be that the number of items are different?

I did not dare to edit and change the text file on GitHub (with creating a “fork”, whatever it is).

Please correct this somehow. Thank you.

Do you mean Syncthing proper? There should be 460 strings at the moment, and this is what I see for Hungarian specifically.

Where is it? Please give a link.

In Transifex the name is “Syncthing-android”. It has only 343 translatable strings.

OK, I also found the other one with 460 strings. But all seem to be translated into Hungarian. I will look into it how, and why there is a difference in number of strings.

This is normal :slightly_smiling_face:. “syncthing-android” is the Android app, while “syncthing” is Syncthing proper.

Personally, I’d suggest to reuse whatever possible from “syncthing”, especially since the app in many places uses the exact same strings, so it makes no sense to translate them differently there.

It’d be great if the app was somehow synchronised with Syncthing proper and simply pulled the matching strings with their translations from it, but unfortunately this isn’t the case, so there’s a lot of duplicated effort required when it comes to translating the two.

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