'transferonly' folders?

I have a remote VPS with finite disk space, that receives large files by other means than SyncThing. I’m using SyncThing to copy those files to a local machine with much more storage available.

Ideally, I’d like to configure the Syncthing instance to sync a new file to other nodes (like ‘send only’) but once it has been successfully transferred to another node (bonus points if able to set ‘n’ nodes), will delete its local copy to reclaim local disk space (and not propagate the delete, leaving the file intact on other nodes). The VPS becomes a robust transit point for the file to reach another destination.

I’m currently using ‘sendonly’ on the VPS along with ‘ignoredeletes’ on the receiving end, which gets me close to my goal. But I still have to check manually that they have synced successfully before deleting the files on the VPS. That’s a chore I’d like to automate, but I don’t see a non-hackish way to do it with the current ‘out of the box’ feature set.

is there some creative way to do this with SyncThing? or this is something better tackled with other tools?

This is not possible with syncthing.