Tough newb start

So I’ve gathered all my multimedia files with cloud storage hosts for all devices, and am now beginning to sort them out. Im using multcloud for some transfers, odrive for syncing one folder at a time to be sorted, and now luckily I have Syncthing after 5 years of non-use. The problem is I can get it working properly. I have odrive downloading to ~/camera roll/. What Id like is to have a folder of ~/camera roll/ location with instructions to keep all but .png files as they become downloaded and available from odrive to my HDD. I want these directed at ~/syncthing/camera roll. I would also like the screenshots to go in a separate folder in the syncthing folder, as this will be useful in more difficult directories. I am embarrassed to having wasted so much time with rereading site literature, searching the forums, troubleshooting myself bc I know this isnt difficult and im missing something very simple. Im just really tired please advise on needed specifics. BTW the syncthing directory will serve as home base for all divided directories until they have all been sorted through. Thank you. log clouds

Seems what you are doing is everything on the local machine. Syncthing is machine to machine sync solution, not local folders.

You should explain what you tried and what did not work.

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